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The Latest in Web Design

From learning about parallax web design, to cool layouts, to featuring  innovative CSS, come nerd out with Technik Nerd.  We partner with one of NJ’s most prolific web designers to profile the latest and greatest in web development, with a specific focus on its applications to digital marketing.  Don’t worry about missing out on the latest trends and allowing your knowledge to fall behind; the Technik Nerd newsletter will keep you up to speed with all that is going on in the world of web development and UX design.

Developments in Digital Marketing

Stay abreast of all of the latest developments in SEO.  Did Google roll out a new algorithm update?  Did John Mueller make yet another cryptic statement that has the SEO industry on its seat?  Did a new study prove that even more of what is considered to be SEO “gospel” is nothing more than a myth?  Stay informed with Technik Nerd.

Learn about all of the top tools that you cannot do without.  Pay per click analyzers, applications for tools like Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, and the videos showing you how to get the most out of your digital tools.

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Gadgets and Apps

If you’re as nerdy as us about having the new latest gadgets and apps on your phone, this is the newsletter for you. We are constantly trying out the latest and greatest new apps and gadgets that will promise to make your lives much better. No need to scour the Internet looking for reviews on these latest little trinkets; will send it right to your email inbox once a week.