Unique Blog Topics (Niches) to Start Blogging

Hello!! Guys welcome to another article of Vital Tech. In this Article we will discuss about the Unique Blog topics to start Blogging in 2018. So friends  you all wants  to start blogging but you are not getting the unique and best topic to start your blog. So for this problem I have bought the solution for all new bloggers, so you can get the best and unique topics or niche on which you will get the more and more traffic and profit. I have researched a lots of topics and finally I have found some Unique Blog topics on which you can start your blog and also make the carrier on it. So friends read the complete article because this can be the most profitable article for you,  for the unique blog topics to start blogging in 2018. So guys without wasting any more time lets get started with this today's topic.

In this article I will be telling you about the Unique Blog topics which are highly searched topic on, which you can create your blog or start your blog by which you will get the more and more traffic as well as the profit. Any Blogger who wants to start his blogging carrier the first question in his mind that on what topic I should start the blog. Most of the people’s are directly going into these 3 topics which are Tech, Blogging, News, without any research. In these 3 categories peoples start blogging and starts doing hard work but at the end they are not getting the results and then they drops the blogging after few months, In this way we are getting the scene of failure because they gets failed in these type of categories. This types of blogs are already in large amount that’s why its not easy to be more popular in this types of categories. So guys for avoiding all this types of things I will be telling you some unique blog topics to start blogging.
Unique Blog Topics (niches) to Start Blogging
Unique Blog Topics (niches) to Start Blogging

Unique Blog Topics (Niches) to start blogging are:-

1.Health And Fitness

The  1st Unique blog topic or niche is Health and Fitness. In this complete health and fitness industry or medical industry you will get the huge amount of money. so friends you will ask how there is a huge  amount of money or earning is there on this topic, soo friends for example if you want to buy a mass gainer, or why protein or any type of supplement  or any tablet which costs around Rs 150 of whole strip you also search it on google. And by providing the affiliate marketing links and sponsorship you can earn money. Beause these sponsor’s searches the pages which ranks on the first page of google. In this way Health and Fitness can be the Unique Topic to start Blogging.

2.Make Money Online

So guys  the 2nd Unique blog topic or niche is make money online . In this you can tell people about how to make money online in genuine way. You have to only tell people’s the real way, Because people can know that you are telling them genuine way of earning money or not or you are loyal enough with them or not or the things which you are telling them will provide benefit to them or not. So if you want to make blog on this topic you can make a blog on make money online. This will be the best enough topic or niches for you. But in this you will get the more competition and this topic is more profitable also.

3.Travel or Beauty

This is the 3rd Unique topic or niche which is Travel or Beauty. In this if you combine both Travel and beauty you can get the more profit. Mostly this types of topics are chooses by the female’s  in which they are earning more earnings from affiliate marketing and sponsorship. So friends now you will think about how will you get the sponsorship guys the big big companies  are finding this types of bloggers because the companies don’t want to waste most of the money on paid promotion. So they search this types of bloggers who do they there work in cheap price and get them the popularity. That’s why the are searching this types of bloggers who are ranking on the first page of the google any providing them the sponsorship. In this way this travel and beauty can also be the most  profitable blog.


Guy’s this is the 4th Unique topic or niche which is blogging. In this you can tell peoples that what is blogging, how this blogging works, what are the things required for blogging. But the biggest problem is that we are only the new how we can tell people about this, so guys you have to learn the things about this then you can tell the people. Because guys this the most popular niches or topic which can be the best for you. There are many pages ranking on the first page, but you can also be one of them by ranking your page with good keywords. So this also one of the unique topic to start a blog.

5.Affiliate Marketing

The 5th Unique topic or niche is Affiliate Marketing. So friends you are thinking about that how can affiliate marking be the niche or topic, but guys affiliate marking can be the topic and its already a topic. If you will create a blog about the affiliate marking and tell peoples about the affiliate marketing then also you can generate more profit and traffic on you blog and you can earn a lot of money. Because there are many affiliate marketers which are earning money from this. That’s why friends this can also be the best topic for starting a blog.

6.Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the 6th Unique topic for starting a blog. With the help of this also you can create a blog. As there is more competition in this digital marketing but this is much more popular now a days. With the help of this digital marketing also you can generate a huge amount of money by telling the people about this because peoples are also more interested in knowing digital marketing tactics. So guys this the last unique topic or niche with the help of which you can create to start a blog in 2018.

How You can Earn Money from a Blog

You can earn money with the help of sponsorship,affiliate marketing,google adsense, By providing the backlink you can earn the money.

Topic or niche play's an important role in blogging. You can also make the sub niches with the help of the topics which I have told you above. Niche or topic can be anything in which you are expert that can be the topic. You can form your own niches or topic's by getting into the niches and find the sub niches or that and then find the micro niches of sub niches.  In this way you can find your own niche. So guys this article is all about the niche or topic which is unique Blog Topic (Niches) to start Blogging in 2018. If you liked this article please share as much as you can to your friends so they can get the help from this article. And Comment down below in the comment box about this article. Thankyou!!

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