Buy Domain (.com) at only Rs 80. Limited offer.

Hello, guys welcome back to another tech article of vital tech. In this article, I have told you about that, how you can buy the domain(.com) at only rs 80. You can buy any of the domain at Rs.80. If you will directly go on any other website they will provide you domain up to Rs. 400-500, but guys on this website you will provide you the domain in just Rs.80. So I’ll tell how you to buy the .com domain at a very cheap price in complete step by steps. That’s why guys read the complete article and buy the cheapest domain. So guys without wasting any time let get into the topic.
Buy Domain (.com)  at only Rs 80. Limited offer, buy domain at rs 80 from namecheap,
Buy Domain (.com)  at only Rs 80. Limited offer

How to Buy Domain(.com) at Only Rs.80

For Buying the Domain First, you have to go on the namecheap website. Which is

There you will see a box (Search domain) in that box you can search the domain which is required for you. Like I have searched for After writing the domain name in the search box click on the search button.

After clicking on the search result it will redirect you on another page. On another page you can see the search results where you see every type of domain name like .com, .in, .net etc. you can choose any type of domain according to your requirement and then add that domain into the cart.

After adding the domain into the cart you can see another option on the Right side of the page that is view cart you have to click on that.

Then after clicking on the view cart, that will take you to another page where you can see about the registration of the domain. On the same page you can also see the promo code tab there you have to TYPE  the code “COM88” after typing the price of the domain will get reduced. Then you have to click on the apply button.

After clicking on the apply button you can see the error, that error will tell you that first, you have to create the account on name cheap then only you can be able to apply the promo code.

So after clicking on, the creates an account that will redirect you to another page where you have to fill the all mandatory information such as username, password, first name, last name etc.

When you will click on the create account and continue that will again redirect you to the domain registration page where you have to again enter the Promo code “COM88” and you have to click on the apply button.

Then After clicking on the apply button, you will be directed into the Payment method there you can see the reduced price of the domain. In my case before applying the code my domain its price is $10.98 and after applying the code its price reduced to $1.06. After that, you have to select the payment method.

In the payment method, you can see the 3 methods for the payment, very first is via. Card another is via. Paypal and the last one is via. account funds. So I will suggest you to pay via Paypal because guys if you are from India you should have the international banking supported card otherwise you will be not able to make the payment with the card as I have shown the proof in the video below. So I’ll suggest you go through the Paypal payment method. That method is also very safe and secure as I have told you in the video below.

After selecting the Paypal payment method you have to click on the continue button. Then that will take you to another page of order review. There in the left side of the page, you can see the option of pay with Paypal, you have to click on that then you will be redirected to the payment gateway.

Then after redirecting to the payment gateway, you have to login into your Paypal account and you have to do the payment of $1.06. and you will have the successful payment of your domain. 

In this way guys you can purchase or buy a domain at a very cheap price in just Rs.80 only. If you are having problems in buying the domain you can check my given video above or you can comment down in the comment box about your problems. I will definitely resolve your problems. And Guys if you like the article please share this article as much as you can. Thankyou
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