How to Change Wi-Fi Password of your Router

How to Change Wi-Fi Password of your Router: Hello!! Guys welcome back to another tech article of vital tech. In this article guys, I will be telling you about How To Change Wi-Fi Password of your Router within very few steps. Because guys as we all know Prevention is better than cure, That’s why it is very necessary that every one should use Password to secure their area or broadband connection to make avoid a certain situation which can make you stressful. So it is very important to set a password to avoid this type of activities which can take place with your WiFi. 
How to Change Wi-Fi Password
How to Change Wi-Fi Password of your Router

As you all know we human always save our Wi-Fi password on mobile phones, smart TV’s, Router’s and on many other different devices and as we save that password they remain saved at that storage which can harm our privacy. So, guys to keep our Privacy and Security safe, we should always change our passwords Time to Time. Which can keep you in the safe zone by preventing the miss use of that? So if you are thinking that how you can update the Wi-Fi password or How To Change Wi-Fi Password. Then, guys, you all are in the right place here I’will tells you How to change Wi-Fi Password within very Simple and few steps. To know just follow the steps given below.

Few things you need to remember before changing the Wi-Fi Password

  1. You should know the WiFi Router’s Brand Name & Model number.
  2. You should also know the URL for the configuration portal of your WI-fi router.
  3. Login id and password of the Wi-Fi configuration portal. The default username and password of Wi-Fi Router is “admin”.
  4. Then you will need a mobile phone or a laptop which is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection or a LAN to connect with your mobile phone or laptop.

How To Change Wi-Fi Password

  1. Firstly you have to open your browser on your smartphone or laptop.
  2. Then type the URL of the Wi-Fi configuration portal into the address bar of your browser (in my case TP-Link is and after that press Enter.
  3. After that enter the router’s username and password to get Login in it.
  4. Now search for the Wireless Security option, of the router’s brand which you are using.
  5. Then after searching the Wireless Security option click on that Wireless Security option, go to the PSK Passphrase and type your new password.
  6. After that click on the Save button for saving your new password and then reboot the router for the changes.

Must Choose the Secure Password

While changing the password you must choose a secure password because guys simple passwords are easy to predict and anyone can guess it easily which can lead to the misuse of your secured data connection. That’s why you should choose the best Wi-Fi password for your router, So below are the few tips with that help of that you can choose a secure Wi-Fi Password.
  1. You should always use an alphanumeric password for your devices.
  2. Must use special characters which makes your wifi password much more complex and tough to predict.
  3. You must avoid using passwords which are very easy to guess like your name, phone numbers etc.
So, Guys, these are the few steps with the help of which you can easily change your Wi-Fi Password. And I have completely told you How To Change Wi-Fi Password of Your Router and what type of password you should keep for your wifi that also I have told you in this article. If you also wanted to change your Wi-Fi Router’s SSID Name you can click here for Best Funny WiFi Names for your router’s. That’s all for the articles friends if you liked this article please share this article with your family, friends as well as on the social media so everyone can aware of that about How To Change Wi-Fi Password of their Router. Thank you!!!

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